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We are the only Baja Gringos Gazette Online eZine. By definition a "gazette" is information published in form of journal. In our case this is a online eZine. Also by definition is gringo a Latin American term for foreigners especially Americans and Englishmen The Gringo Gazette Baja Online eZine serves the American and english speaking community living part- or full-time in Baja California, featuring news, articles, updates, fishing, real estate, community events, and tourist activities. 

The Gringo Gazette Baja Online eZine is your best source of insider information about living, working, visiting or retiring in Mexico. We keep up to date on all of the latest news and information, we are not just a tourist guide. The Gringo Gazette Baja Online eZine is by far your best choice for current Baja information in English. Its content is 100% of interest to both, tourists and residents, focusing on Baja natural beauties, products and services that tourists can find when arriving in the region, local news, border issues, business opportunities, real estate, culture, customs, legal status of aliens, rules and regulations of Mexico, political issues and more. 

The editorial staff includes a fair number of Baja resident contributors and writers. We have loose connections to several other Baja oriented ePublishers and exchange content or even collaborate if topics of interest occur. Some content may by syndicated, you will always find the credits for such content and/or a link to the original source at the end of a post. 

What will you NOT find at the Baja gringo's gazette Online eZine?? Countless announcements and adverts from strip-joints and massage palaces, contemplating and biased info are a no-no here! Good enough?? We hope so. We are in no way related or affiliated with the similar named pamphlet you find throughout Baja Sur. We are an independent online eZine. Read the footer of the pages that clearly states who we are and who we are NOT!!
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